The production of firewood has been in existence for years. It has been very useful for decades till today. Firewood North Wales can be used for a variety of things. Arbworks deals with the production of high-quality hardwood, softwood, and coniferous wood fuel.

They supply in bulk to residential and commercial properties. We are going to look at some of the characteristics of this ready-to-burn firewood. But, first, let’s consider the production.

Production of firewood

  • It is a traditional method of stacking and harvesting that has been followed during the production of high-quality firewood.
  • Over several years, before the woods can be used, proper drying of the wood needs to be followed and patience has to be taken to allow it to get matured and strong in a natural way without the addition of chemicals.
  • 1-2 years pass by before softwood can get dried enough, while for hardwood, 2-3 years pass by before it can properly dry.
  • The wood is cut up to 2.5/8’length. Then it will be stacked outside and ready to be re-cut.
  • When it comes to the selling of firewood, it is calculated through the volume, not the weight. Because, by the time it is very dry, woods tend to get more light. Fuelwood has been a means for regenerating resources.

North Wales ready to burn firewood

  • Arbworks provides logs that are high in quality
  • They are highly recommended and are fit for open fires and wood-burning stoves.
  • Arbworks provides seasoned firewood which is ready to burn.
  • They are approved for supplies both in bulk supply.
  • The high quality of the firewood in North wales made it be included in the wood fuel wales.
  • It has also been accredited as a “wood sure plus” because of its high quality of firewood.

Procedures for ordering firewood

  • Half and half mixture of softwood and hardwood is what the load will contain.
  • Based on your request, there is the various proportion of hardwood and softwood that Arbworks makes available.
  • Multiple loads give way for discounts. Interesting right! But details will be made available upon your inquiry.
  • The loads will be made of logs that are cut to the length of your choice, then they will be split into smaller pieces, which are ready to be used.
  • Different sizes of vehicles are used and can be delivered to your door at your convenience. But the bigger the load, the bigger the value of money.


High-quality firewood is ready and available in Arbworks. It is dried enough and affordable. You can choose your choice because there are varieties of firewood in North wales.

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