2 Common Causes of Devastating HVAC Malfunctions

HVAC systems, also known as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, can cause a lot of household problems if not properly taken care of. They serve as a home’s heart or the engine that keeps it running. Damaged or faulty HVAC systems can lead to household disasters such as poor indoor air quality, carbon monoxide poisoning, mold, and more. If you suspect your HVAC system may not be functioning properly, call Big John’s plumbing, heating, and air in Salt Lake City today for high-quality repairs, replacements, and customer service.

One of the most frequent causes of HVAC malfunctions is unreplaced air filters. Contrary to popular belief, air filters do not filter the air you breathe but rather the air entering into the HVAC system. Air filters essential protect the system from particles that scratch or damage it from the inside. As the filter accumulates dirt, dust, and other particles, the HVAC system clogs and proceeds to expend excessive effort in order to operate, ultimately leading to premature system failure. Although dirty air filters are not a direct cause of poor air quality, built up dust and germs will inevitably enter the air flow of the household, potentially causing asthma, acute bronchitis, or sick building syndrome. If you are experiencing any of the previously listed symptoms without an identified cause, consider the possibility that your HVAC system’s air filter may need to be replaced. Consult a professional HVAC system installation company such as Big John’s Plumbing, Heating, and Air in Salt Lake City for exceptional household services.

Other common causes of HVAC impairments are clogged or cracked pipes. As an HVAC system regularly heats and cools different areas throughout a house, it produces condensate, a liquid created by contact between humid air and cold surfaces. This liquid can build up very quickly, but luckily, drain pipes allow it to dispel, preventing mold and rust. Broken, clogged, or cracked drain pipes can prevent the proper flow of the condensate, causing disaster in the home. Clogged pipes obstruct the passage of water, causing overflow and potential household flooding. Other parts of the HVAC system may leak, but old pipes are usually the culprits. Call Big John’s Plumbing, Heating, and Air in Salt Lake City to check, repair, and place faulty pipes so that your HVAC system can return to its proper state.

Keep your eye out for telltale signs and causes of HVAC impairments and don’t hesitate to consult a professional with any questions or concerns. Don’t let your home go to ruins–call Big John’s Plumbing, Heating, and Air in Salt Lake City, Utah to protect your home from disaster and prevent any further damage.

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