4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Disaster Restoration Company Parker Colorado

You had no reason to anticipate that some sort of disaster situation would damage your home or place of business. Now that it’s happened, it’s time to think about how to clean up and restore your space. The most practical solution is to hire a disaster restoration company Parker Colorado to take care of the many tasks that you can’t manage alone. How do you choose the right company? Ask these four questions and you’ll be on the way to hiring the best service for the job.

What Sort of Cleanup and Restoration Projects Have You Managed in the Past?

Many restoration companies focus on specific types of cleanup projects. For example, you may find that one company concentrates on dealing with projects involving commercial buildings. Others may focus their efforts on cleanup projects involving private residences or dwellings like apartment buildings. There are still others that take on projects involving residential and commercial settings. 

Your goal is to ensure the disaster restoration company that you’re currently talking with does handle the type of cleanup needed. It also helps to know that the company has experience with situations similar to the one you currently face. If the answer is yes, then the discussion is off to a good start. 

What Sort of Training Do You Provide to Employees?

The right disaster restoration service will have a structured training program for their technicians and other personnel. It will likely involve formal classes, mentoring new employees by matching them with seasoned professionals, and some sort of continuing education plan that applies to all employees. Ask about the training program and listen carefully to the response. If what you hear inspires confidence, it’s worth talking with that company a little more. 

Will You Provide References That I Can Check?

You’ll find that a reputable disaster restoration service has no problem with providing references along with contact information. In fact, you may not even have to ask about references. Some companies proactively offer them. If you find that there’s some hesitancy to provide references that you can contact and talk with, this could be a red flag. A better choice is to talk with a company that welcomes the chance for you to talk with their past customers. 

Can You Work With My Insurance Provider and Help With the Claims Process?

You already know that your insurance provider will be involved in the cleanup at some point. It’s a good idea to hire a disaster restoration company Parker Colorado that has the policies and procedures in place to work with your provider to submit quotes and claims on your behalf. This will make dealing with the expense much easier. Assuming the company is recognized by your provider, you may end up paying little to nothing out of pocket. Instead, the insurance provider remits the payment directly to the restoration company. 

There will be more questions that come to mind as you talk with a representative of the disaster restoration company, but these will serve as foundation for the overall discussion. If you like what you hear, ask more questions and listen closely to the answers. There’s a good chance that you will not have to look any further. 

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