Christmas Decoration Ideas for Your Landscape

Keep it Classic with Lights

Christmas lights are a must-have when it comes to decorating your landscape for the holiday season. Don’t let the holidays creep up on you–go get your lights now! Available in all kinds of colors and patterns, lights are one of the best ways to bring the festivities to life and make your home glow brilliantly at night. Professional landscape service companies in Bountiful would recommend that you opt for LED lights–they’re brighter, more efficient, and longer-lasting than incandescent lights! Christmastime, while wonderful, is by far the most expensive time of year. Save money on electricity by choosing energy-efficient lights, as landscaping service companies would recommend. As for style, you may consider icicle-themed string lights to give your home a winter wonderland look. If you’re into bright colors, rainbow lights are another popular choice. Mix it up with red and white lights to create a candy cane-themed landscape. If you’re not a fan of string lights (they do require quite a bit of maintenance), consider laser light projectors! Hire a landscape service contractor in Bountiful to install a simple projector on your lawn. Position the projector so that it projects onto an open space on your home’s exterior, such as a garage or a blank wall. Christmas laser light projectors can project images such as Santa Clause, elves, gingerbread men, snowflakes, and more! Some projectors can even rotate between images! Whatever you do, be sure to spread the holiday cheer this year by decorating your landscape for the holiday season or hiring a landscaping service to do so.

Liven it Up with Trees and Shrubs

Despite what the snowy weather would have you believe, Christmas is notorious for its trees and shrubs. Most cultures center their homes with a single tree, usually an evergreen tree or a pine tree. However, outdoor trees are just as essential in making your landscape look festive. Depending on your location, certain types of trees may thrive more than others. Contact your local landscaping service contractor for specific recommendations. Pinyon pines, subalpine firs, douglas-firs, and lodgepole pines are all locally-grown Christmas trees in Bountiful that may be the perfect match for your yard! A few other archetypes for Christmas decorating include conifers, holly shrubs, and winterberries. Holly shrubs and winterberries are great options if you’re looking to have landscape service add a splash of color to your yard. If you’re not sure which trees or shrubs would look best with your home or where to place them, call a landscape service company in Bountiful to help you decorate your home for this holiday season!

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