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Incense and other fragrant resins have been consumed via the use of fire since the beginning of time. For millennia, people have performed this rite to show their devotion to the universe and to pay homage to a plethora of deities.

In ancient Egypt, priests used incense to cleanse rituals and tombs by burning it in the presence of the deceased. In addition, incense was used. Most of the time, it was reserved for religious rituals that could only be performed in sacred spaces. The practise of performing rituals including the burning of incense sticks dates back thousands of years. For millennia, people have used incense to purify their homes and ceremonies. We may now partake in these sorts of rituals and interactions in the privacy of our own homes, thanks to the progress achieved by contemporary mankind. The following are some of the many excellent benefits of incense smoking:

The Science and Art of Making an Incense Clock

Incense may burn for up to an hour or more after it has been lit for the first time, depending on how long it takes for the flame to completely devour it. For example, you could want to light them up while meditating, working, or attending a conference. If you don’t want to deal with the aggravation of a loud clock or alarm clock, you may utilise a pleasant aroma instead. Instead of using candles to keep track of the passing of time, ancient cultures relied on the smell of burning incense. In this spot, you may now choose the spiritual incense of your choice.


Throughout many religious ceremonies, incense is used to help us focus on spiritual concerns and to enhance our abilities to do so. Using incense as a meditation aid may help you achieve a deeper level of spiritual awareness. Relaxing your mind and body simultaneously allows you to experience new things both inside and out. It should be done at the beginning of each and every session as a form of premeditation.


The use of incense that has been specially formulated to help you go asleep may be quite beneficial to you. Relaxing characteristics of lavender, chamomile, and vetiver help to calm the nervous system, which in turn helps to rest the mind. Start incense burning fifteen to twenty minutes before you wish to go to bed. Allow the fragrance to permeate the whole space. When it’s time to retire for the evening, be sure the incense has been extinguished.

Yoga as a Way of Life In both a spiritual and material sense

When you’re working out, incense not only provides you an energy boost, but it also helps you focus. For yoga classes, incense may be used to disguise unpleasant smells, making it easier for you to concentrate on your practise without being distracted by the stench. Incense enhances the impact of meditation when used in combination with it.

Medicine as a Whole

When incense is burnt, the smells it releases promote the creation of serotonin in the body of the person conducting the burning. Instead of taking medication, you may want to give this a go. A non-pharmacological technique to elevating beneficial hormones, which your brain needs to function, and enhancing your overall mood is astounding.

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