Easy Ways to Get a Six Pack (It’s Not As Hard As You Think!)

Six pack abs are generally associated with guys who live in the gym or professionally body-build. Funny thing is, that’s not what it takes to get a six pack. In fact, you can get a six pack from the comfort of your own home and neighborhood, by exercising efficiently instead of excessively.

Ab muscles, and fitness in general, come from two things: muscle building and cardio exercise. These can both be done with what you have with you right now: yourself.

1. Cardio

This doesn’t mean run ten miles every day, or invest in any sort of hokey equipment. This just means get yourself moving. Easiest way to do this? Walking! Take a 30-60 minute walk every day (or every other day, if you don’t have the time). It may seem like a lot, but the rewards pay off hugely and quickly. You’ll also feel more energized and able to sleep better!

Walking burns off fat, and will show off any muscles that you have. For the average person, walking for an hour five times a week will burn a pound a week. That may not seem like a lot, but also remember that it’s not much effort (it’s just walking!) and that weight loss is based on doing no other exercise!

2. Muscle Building

Stripping the fat away from your stomach won’t give you a six pack unless you have the ab muscles to go with it! Again, we aren’t talking excessive here. Before walking, try to get in three sets of ten to twenty sit-ups, pausing for a minute or so between each set.

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