How to choose the best office chair?

Office chair [เก้าอี้ นั่ง ทำงาน, which is the term in Thai] plays an important role in maximizing productivity at work. For managers, it is very necessary for them to choose one the best quality chairs for their employees. It would not only help the manager to increase the efficiency of their employees but a good chair will help you to relax your back as well.  The following are some of the features which would help you to choose the best office chair for your workplace.

Height adjustable:

The office chair you are purchasing should be height adjustable which means you should be able to adjust your height to your desk so that you can work easily. Organizations should acquire those chairs which can be easily adjusted according to your ease.


 The chair you are purchasing should have adjustable backrest so that you can easily work. It should also have a locking mechanism so that you can easily lay your back on it. One of the major advantages of the adjustable backrest is that it provides comfort and reduces the risk of pain in your back.

Lumbar support:

Lumbar support is one of the major features of an office chair. The absence of this feature may cause pain in your back. Office chair with good lumbar support will help you to ease your lower back.

Sufficient seating space:

The office chair you are purchasing should have an ample amount of seating space so that you can sit comfortably. Office chairs having an insufficient amount of space will go to bring adverse health effects on your life.

Movement should be made easily:

The office chair you are acquiring should be able to move freely between the cubicles so that you can communicate with your co-worker easily. The chair should have the element of locomotion which would eventually help you to maximize your work performance.

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