Living The Life, In Florida!

What better place is there than Florida to retire to? Sure, you can retire and live in Arizona. That is nice. It has a nice year-round climate and even palm trees, but no beaches, except for Lake Mead.

Florida is great for golfing, swimming, fishing, and tons of other recreational activities. You can’t visit Disney World in Arizona in a day trip, nor Sea World, or fun dinner theatres. So, it is settled Florida is your premier retirement destination for a fun-filled rest of your life.

No complacency here. Now the decision is where to find great Florida Retirement 55+ golf communities.

There is more to this than just picking any old place. The important thing to note is 55+ community. Sometimes this means both spouses must be 55+ and others agree to just one, usually it has to be the one buying the home.

Another thing to remember is if you will be having kids and grandchildren visiting. Usually, it is okay to have an occasional visit from one of your kids.

However, when it comes to those under 18, some places only allow 2-3 visits a year, for a certain time limit. This is to be considerate of those who move to these communities to be away from younger people.

Your next consideration is what amenities you just can’t live without, or can live without. This can include golf clubhouses, and or stores. A regular clubhouse with restaurant, swimming pools, tennis courts, walking/jogging trails, and more. Once you have made up your mind, you can continue from there.

The following are examples of great Florida Retirement 55+ golf communities. In Ocala, “On Top Of The World”, is a highly sought after place to live. You don’t have to break the bank either. Every home has at least two bedrooms, and two baths, starting at about $239,000, but go higher with more options, such as two-car garages for up to $18,000.

This place has everything. Not only does it have three golf courses with 54 holes, but also hosts many championship games. There is much emphasis on physical activities, as well as social events.

There is swimming, pickleball, tennis, a gym, and many dancing, parties, happy hours, and much more. The best part, is its central Florida location. It is close to great hospitals, shopping, and major airports. Not only that, it is a short distance from the Atlantic Ocean, or the Gulf of Mexico, whichever you choose.

If you are partial to the gulf coast, specifically year-round warm weather, than, “The Plantation”, is for you. It is located in Fort Myers about two hours south of Tampa. It has an 18 hole course for beginners and advanced levels.

Golf pro shops as well. There are also banquet facilities, as well as dining throughout the day. Don’t forget the beautiful swimming pool as well. You must visit their website to get more information, on having the perfect home built for you, in this exquisite community.

Spruce Creek Country Club located in Summerfield, FL., which is a suburb of Ocala, is another centrally located community. This is the ultimate in a golf community. It boasts four nine-hole courses, to totally satisfy your golfing needs.

Not only that, it has three huge recreational facilities as well. One has a golf shop, full ballroom, community kitchen, swimming, bocce ball court and more. Another, houses a full gym to get your exercise, as if golfing is not enough. It has horseshoe pits and walking trails too. The third has a large swimming pool, tennis, volleyball, and pickle courts.

Houses here start in the 100,00 range and can go up to the 400,000’s. What more could you ask for in luxury living with so many amenities? You may never even want to leave the community.

There are so many different options for those looking for a 55+ golf community. There are even some that offer manufactured living with much smaller yard to upkeep. AS mentioned earlier, you will have to make a list of what is really important to you.

Then of course, keep your budget in mind. Another thing to look at before purchasing is the monthly or yearly membership/maintenance fees that are mandatory in these communities.

PIck ut an area you like, start researching all of the communities. It can be daunting, as Florida has a lot of them. However, armed with your “must-have” and not so important list, you are sure to find one that suits your needs perfectly. Remember to also look at all the rules.

If you have a motorhome or boat, you will likely have to store it elsewhere, however, some communities have special lots with security, just for them. Happy retirement community hunting!

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