Low Carb Diet Or Low Fat Diet – The Low Down on Six Pack Diets

You have made the decision to include a ripped set of abs in your all round fitness regime. Congratulations. In a recent survey, over 90% of women declared that a sexy set of abs on a guy rates higher than muscled arms or a neat chest. Having the perfect six pack abs has sex appeal. That is well documented. Most females swoon over an average size guy with ripped abs more than the muscle bound dude from the gym.

Not that muscle building is a bad thing. When you start a campaign to get six pack abs you are, in effect, building the muscles in the tummy region. That, along with a tailored diet, will give you your desired results.

On the subject of a tailored diet you will have to know what to eat for six pack abs. No doubt in your research you have heard to stick to a low carb diet or perhaps you have heard conflicting reports to maintain a low fat diet to get your abs. Below is a review of both types of diet.

Low Carb Diet:

The result of eating a heap of carbs is that their is a huge spike in your blood sugars. Insulin does what it has to to get these levels back to normal and it does this by sending the excess sugar to the fat cells for easy storage. That is where you end up with tummy fat and love handles.

But going on a low carb diet will, while burning some fat, will actually make your muscles weaker and shrink in size. You will remain in that flabby state you are in now. From this we can rule out going on a low carb diet if you want a six pack.

Low Fat Diet:

While making your muscle tone stand out and appearing strong it makes you gain fat in the wrong places due to our friend above, insulin. I guess the bottom line is going on any of the two diets is a recipe for disaster. You need a complete, all round eating plan similar to the one John Alvino devised from scratch.

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