Our Top 10 Kitchen Trends of 2011

1) Make a Color Statement Contractors and clients are making more risqué choices when it comes to color selection. Vibrant colors are both fresh and modern and make an appealing statement. You can see how this new stylish trend is spreading throughout kitchen design industry and you too can achieve such design for you own kitchen at an affordable price by getting renovation packages from https://www.acvision.com.sg/resale-kitchen-renovation-package.

2) Texture Appeal Patterns, colors, and lines are a large point of interest in the eyes of the client. Adding a touch of texture to even the smallest things can add personality.

3) Glass for Everyone! Glass has become a very trendy added accessory to both kitchens and baths this year. Glass applications in a kitchen are limitless. You can design your kitchen in the chic-est way this year by being able to use glass in so many places and spaces.

4) Island of Modernization Your Kitchen Island says a lot about your kitchen design. It is presumably the main focal point in the kitchen because of its location. It is a place where people can interact and connect. They can be customized to be rounded, rectangular and so on. You can put a sleek and modern touch to any kitchen island with the right materials.

5) Chocolate, Not Just a Guilty Pleasure! Cabinetry in chocolate and espresso make a statement when included into any kitchen design. You can integrate these accents in kitchen designs ranging from traditional to luxury. Natural finishes without all the razzle dazzle of glazing and distressing are now becoming more popular in kitchen design. Warm colors like chocolate brown can harmoniously accompany brighter accents in your kitchen.

6) Pantries, Your Treasure Chest of Goodies? The walk-in pantry is a veritable necessity for some households and a luxury for others. Dish and food storage dilemmas can easily be solved with the ample room you can create by making the addition of a walk-in pantry to your kitchen. You can harmonize the appearance of the new space that will serve as a fabulous transition from one room to the next.

7) Ceiling Design. By adding a hip svelte design to your ceiling, you are creating an open and airy space. There are so many different aspects you can incorporate to enhance your ceiling. Lighting, textures, and the exquisite intricacies in the materials used can bring a subtle feeling of intimacy to your kitchen space.

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