Remodeling Tips – A Home That Your Kids Will Love

Kids are only young once. And they have a huge difference with adult tastes’ in designing a place. They are also rich in ideas on how they want their space to look.

Therefore, when designing or renovating a home, never forget to consult your kids. After all, kids make up half of your home. Make sure that they are properly consulted in the making of the design up to the implementation of the decorating plans. This makes them feel empowered and excited and will most probably, lessen conflicts that usually arise in the stressful commotion that oftentimes accompany home improvements.

Design Ideas

Think long term in choosing designs and decorations for children’s rooms. Kids will not be kids forever. They seem to grow so fast, faster even than the cartoon characters that they like to see on the walls. So it is advisable that you do not use a permanent paint for your kid’s favorite character, but use a glue-able image instead. There are many available samples for sale that come indifferent sizes and colors. And when your child changes his mind and roots for basketball player later, it is easy and less messy to remove the cartoon image and change it to another decoration. Otherwise, let the kids be the boss in how they want their room to look – including the colors, motifs, and theme.

As much as possible, give the kids ample space for movement and for keeping their toys and other possessions inside. It is not a very good idea to have their things kept in different parts of the house. Having their very own place to take care of will make them accountable for that particular space, thus, developing in them a sense a responsibility. Therefore, there should also ample storage areas where they can tuck away their things. This could either be a specific play room or the kids’ bedroom itself. This will also provide as a hang out area with their friends.

Spaces and Furniture

Kids’ beds are one thing that you should never compromise. Buy them a bed that is as sturdy as a trampoline and as soft as a cloud. Even teens like to play “throw pillows” while jumping on and running around the bed. And at night the same bed will give them the good rest that they need. So choose a bed that could withstand that test until the kids have become young adult themselves.

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