Strategies To Keep Your Home Cold During the winter

Keeping the house warm during winter, although it is necessary, can become very costly. Fortunately, homeowners can have various ways to keep their homes warm without spending too much on their energy bills.

Weather strip Doors and Windows

One of the reasons why energy consumption during the cold season is high is due to warm air that leaks out of doors and windows. Weather stripping doors and windows help reduce or eliminate these air leakages by blocking the gaps between the frames and the door or window. 

Open the drapes in the morning and down in the night

Opening the curtains or drapes in the morning allows the sun’s natural heat to get inside. Just be sure to close them when it starts to get dark to prevent draft and heat loss through the windows. Adopting this practice also reduces energy consumption in lighting the house.

Use Window Tints

Using window tinting in Laredo TX is another way to conserve energy by preventing heat loss. Quality window films help insulate the house or building. Additionally, window tinting in Plano TX helps absorb heat from the sun while preventing total heat loss. 

Learn more about the strategies to keep your home warm during the cold season in an infographic from Kepler.

Keeping your Home Warm During the Cold Season [Infographic]

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