The Benefits of an Exterior Awning: A Few Words

The outdoor awning has developed necessary for individuals who want to enjoy their terrace at times when the sun is at its zenith or simply for those who want to be in the shadow and a slight cooler because it gives superb sun protection and plays a thermal role in controlling heat!

Practically, the awning allows you to increase the internal living space, and its protective function also saves your home from overheating due to the exposure of the patio doors above which it is commonly built. The outdoor awning combines use and aesthetics, and it is handy on wet days due to its rain-resistant fabric.

An awning’s proportions

As previously stated, the major function of the awning is sun protection (by acting a bit like a shield). To ensure that this happens under the best possible conditions, the awning’s size must first and foremost be determined. These will be calculated based on the area to be covered.

The measurement principle is straightforward: the awning must be larger than the area to be shielded and extend beyond the apertures. Outdoor blinds Perth with conventional size starting at 3 metres wide are available. However, there is one piece of important information: the planet is moving, and so its exposure to the sun changes! As a result, depending on the area to be covered, it is critical to evaluate the amount of sunlight and anticipate the shade.

In order to appropriately channel its need, it is also important to define the maximum length of deployment of the arm, or the projection. Existing and available designs range in size from 1.50 m to 4 m. However, even if there are outdoor blinds Perth of extremely large advances, the most frequent projection remains 3.5 m.

The various varieties of awning fabrics

After the size, the canvas is the most important aspect of your awning. Canvas, due to its quality as well as its inherent characteristics, can resist UV radiation and retain heat to varying degrees. The awnings are covered in three different fabrics.

Canvas made of polyester

Polyester fabric is UV sensitive and thus not highly resistant over time; yet, it is a viable option for occasional use and cost savings. Protecting it is an option for increased longevity.

Canvas made of acrylic

Acrylic canvas is very resistant to UV rays and is simple to clean in water. Acrylic canvas, which is said to be rot-proof, is ideal for use outside. Its fabric has a good grip and a longer lifespan. However, ventilation of the air underneath is not one of its strong suits.

Canvas with micro-perforations

The micro-perforated fabric is the best fabric because it resists UV radiation, rips, is easy to clean, and is rot-proof. Its benefit: improved ventilation under the awning! Why? The canvas does not produce a heat lock because it is micro-perforated.

Suggestions for Choosing the Best Awning

Generally, the outdoor blinds Perth are installed on the front against the chosen wall, but keep in mind that it can also be installed in the ceiling if the roof has an overhang (which can be more aesthetic).

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