The Best Electric Fireplaces to Heat Your Home in Winter

A small electric fireplace is much more than just a stove. It is a heating device capable of effectively heating any room in our home and provided with a unique design. In fact, there are all styles. It does not dirty, does not pollute and is very efficient It also does not need installation or shooting, so anyone can put one in their home.

This versatility is perfectly represented in the Classic Fire Vigo. We have chosen it as the best small electric fireplace of the moment in this comparison thanks to its low consumption LED technology, its thermostat and its protection system against overheating. Something similar happens with this TAGU electric fireplace. It offers a power of up to 1500 W and has a remote control and timer.Two options that stand out from the competition for both aesthetics and performance.

The best, our choice: VIGO electric fireplace

We start by talking about the best electric fireplace of the Classic Fire brand according to the opinions of Amazon users. It is a device with a modern white design that has trunks and emulates the flame very effectively.

Second option: TAGU remote control electric fireplace

Now we go with the best electric fireplace of the TAGU brand according to the reviews and comments from Amazon customers. His average grade is 5 out of 5. “It is an electric fireplace with timer and thermostat that is very easy to use and very safe,” says Adrian, to which Javier adds that “it is an electric fireplace with a great value for money.”

Alternative: Electric fireplace with wood effect

We will end by talking about what, according to the evaluations of Amazon users, is the best electric fireplace of the HOMCOM brand. It has a score of 4.2 out of 5 with 60% of 5-star comments. For example, Sara tells us about her that “it is a classic, vintage and cheap electric fireplace. Highly recommended”. For her part, Javier indicates “it is a small electric fireplace with high quality tempered glass and fully portable.”

This electric fireplace with frontal heat, which has been made of iron and 3mm thick tempered glass , has dimensions of 54.8 x 41.5 x 28 cm (height, width, depth). Its power can be comfortably adjusted in a range between 950 and 1850 W thanks to its front control panel with rotary knobs. It has a safety system against overheating and thermal cut and its flame is achieved using LED lights. In addition, it has decorative pieces of firewood. It also has a timer and thermostat.

How to choose an electric fireplace and what to consider before buying one?

When buying a small electric fireplace, it is necessary to take these aspects into account to ensure that we are right:

Location: we can choose an electric fireplace with freely available, suspended or recessed furniture depending on the characteristics of the place where we are going to place it.

Size: Buying a small or large electric fireplace will depend on the above.

Shape: it is possible to choose a round, square, panoramic electric fireplace … there are endless options.

Design – Must fit with the rest of home decor. There are electric fireplaces with simulated stone, with brick aesthetics, with glass frames, etc.

Power: between 1000 W and 1500 W for a room and approximately 2000 W for a living room.

Adjustable temperature:  an electric fireplace with thermostat will be very useful to regulate its power according to our heating needs at all times. It is also advisable to have a timer so that it automatically turns off, for example, while we sleep.

Remote control: if we buy an electric fireplace with a programmable remote control, we won’t even have to get up from the sofa to light it.

Noise emission: the sound emitted can disturb us when reading a book or watching television. A quiet electric fireplace operates below 25 db.

Quality of materials: the best electric fireplaces are made of stainless steel and tempered glass.

Simulation of the flame: with a 3D electric fireplace with LED technology we will obtain a realistic aesthetic and very similar to that of a conventional one.

What is an electric fireplace?

A built-in or floor-mounted electric fireplace is a decorative element that also serves as a support heating system. In fact, it simulates the aesthetics of a conventional fireplace, which is why it has fake pieces of firewood and charcoal and a lighting system that emulates flames and embers. It is used as an alternative to a bioethanol or wooden fireplace because it does not need ventilation ducts and does not generate fumes.

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