The Best Novacide for Pests

Is there anything more chilling than seeing or being brushed up on by a pest? Probably not for most of us who find crippling and flying pests a complete nuisance. The good news is that there is a solution to this problem, and none is more potent than novaci de.

What is novacide?

This is a misty insecticide that has been proven quite effective in the extermination of most household insects and pests. It has the added advantage of an inbuilt insect growth regulator that ensures it curtails the average growth and development cycle. This ensures that once you spray the insecticide, the eggs do not develop into young insects and young insects do not mature into adult bugs. The spray works better because it can easily infiltrate small spaces where insects usually hide, such as cracks and kitchen cabinet corners.

Where is this insecticide most potent?

It is best used in indoor areas, and the large spray surface from the insecticide makes it easier to cover large surfaces. It is a deadly solution to ants, spiders, cockroaches, ticks, and fleas. It can be used in residential and commercial places, including veterinary offices, motels, trucks, and warehouses.

This insecticide is entirely safe to use on pet beddings and housing.

How do you use this insecticide?

It is pretty easy to use novacide once all the safety regulations and instructions on use are read, understood, and adhered to. A pamphlet and instructions scribbled on the can will guide you on what you need to do. The steps are as follows;

  • Calculate how much spray you will need based on the surface to be treated. On average, eighteen ounces of this insecticide will treat two thousand three hundred square feet treating one hundred square feet every ten seconds.
  • Clean the surface to be treated because it removes the adult pests and brings any young pests and larvae present to the surface.
  • Wear the safety gear recommended, which includes a safety mask, long-sleeved clothing, and safety goggles.
  • As an aerosol, this product is composed of solids and liquids suspended in gas; thus, you need to shake it well before use. Hold the can upside down at arm’s length and spray. Use a swooping motion to ensure that the product is spread out properly.
  • To have better and longer-lasting effects, use the insecticide after ten to twenty-one days to keep pests at bay.

Safety precautions to observe

This insecticide is utterly safe for use. However, certain conditions must be met to ensure complete safety and reduce accidental hazards. These measures include;

  1. Always ensure that the insecticide is completely dry before pets use their items.
  2. Keep doors closed until the product dries out and ensure no people are in the house.
  3. Remove food products when spraying this product in kitchen cabinets.
  4. Do not spray the product on leather upholstery or antique items as it may affect their quality and outlook.
  5. The product leaves a residue to continue killing the pests; thus, kids and pets should be kept away from these areas.

The best way to control pests in and around your home is by using the novacide flea and tick killer because it kills the most common household and pet pests. 

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