What Are Some Of The Carpet Materials?

Polypropylene carpets can be of two main types:

1) what we usually know as vinyl rugs, that is, fine rugs with solid and robust braiding and modern and minimalist look, but

2) You can also make short or long polypropylene yarn rugs, with conventional and even classic looks and textures.

For example, there are polypropylene rugs that extraordinarily imitate sisal, with the difference that it does not require maintenance and lasts several times longer. And there are vinyl rugs that look like tiled floors, even scrubbable, thanks to the endless possibilities of this material.

In summary:

warm, super resistant, inexpensive, and washable rugs. Waterproof and versatile like no other, they are rugs for all uses and places. They are according to Unimat :

Chenille Carpets

In the same way that some say that soccer is not a sport but a state of mind, chenille is not a material but a form of fabric or a particular texture achievable with different materials.

A chenille garment or rug can be braided with cotton, polyester, rayon, acrylic, or even mixtures of any percentage of these materials. The main characteristic is its carded texture, velvety, and softness to the touch, similar to corduroy.

In summary:

Textured and embossed rugs, various finishes, medium-high range, and a reasonable price/duration compromise.

Viscose carpets

The fact that a carpet is made of viscose does not mean that it will slip through your hands like a bottle of Blandi-blub or that it will spill as if it were Alien, the 8th passenger. By contrast, viscose rugs are soft, silky, and more palatable to touch than the Scottex dog’s tummy.

Because viscose is also called artificial silk, since there is no other fiber that can so brilliantly imitate the touch and appearance of natural silk, only without worms.

Viscose is a vegetable fiber similar to rayon, which is obtained from cellulose. Not only is it soft, but it is also lightweight and flexible. It is breathable, and with viscose braiding.

In summary:

High-end, glossy, flexible, and delicately maintained rugs.

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