What Is A Plumbing Emergency?

When it comes to a plumbing emergency, it’s not a fun experience. These can be costly and can cause a bunch of health issues, as well as a major clean up issue for anyone involved.

What constitutes a plumbing emergency? There are several issues. When do you need plumbing services? Before resorting to plumbing services in Frankfort, you will want to adequately observe and review the issue. With this information, you can easily relay the problem to the plumbing technician.

These situations are typical of a plumbing emergency:

Water Leak 

The most common plumbing emergency, a water leak is a definite emergency. The problem is finding the source of the leak as well as navigating the extension of the damage. A lot of problems will cause irreversible damage.

Clogged Toilet

It happens to everyone. Toilets clog, and it’s not a pretty sight. The problem with a clogged toilet, of course, is the inability to use the toilet while it’s clogged to the point of repair. This is an emergency after tying to unclog the toilet yourself using the correct tools such as a plumber or chemicals. A plumber can assist with unclogging the toilet.

Frozen Water Pipes 

A serious problem, frozen water pipes can burst and cause major damage. This calls for the assistance of a plumbing technician. The problem frozen water pipes causes is the blockage of water to the rest of the house. The worst case scenario is a rupture in the pipe.

Leaking Water Heater 

This is a huge issue and needs a plumber’s knowledge right away. What’s causing the leak? How extensive is the damage? Does it need to be replaced? A plumber can adequately diagnose the issue and come up with a resolution as soon as possible.

Sewage Line Problems

Probably the biggest plumbing issue, a blocked sewage line can cause multiple issues that are in no way small in size. These problems can cause flooding throughout the yard of the home, line breakage inside the house, sewage back up inside the house. You would not be able to use any of your plumbing facilities inside the house until the issue is fixed. Fixing the problem can take time, as well. A buried line needs construction work to fix and can be very costly.

What to Do in a Plumbing Emergency?

When these issues arise, the first thing is to note what the problem is, and the damage it is causing. This gives the plumbing technician adequate knowledge before a formal diagnosis of the problem. It’s best not to play the role of the plumbing technician. Let them fix the problem. If you take steps to fix the problem yourself, you could be making the problem worse. This will cause issues down the road for the plumbing technician and make it more of a challenge to fix.

Plumbing services can be costly depending on the job, but it’s a small price to pay considering the need inside the house. If you don’t have facilities to use, obtaining a plumber is necessary to get the job done the right way the first time. Plumbing issues can negatively affect the value of your home, as well. These include rusted pipes, old or corroded pipes and out of date plumbing facilities. A plumber can assist in this area as well.

Utilizing a plumber can fix many issues you may encounter with plumbing problems. It’s best to contact a plumber if you cannot fix the problem yourself. A plumber is there to diagnose and resolve the issue in the best manner possible.

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