What is making your boiler to be noisy?


When you discover that your boiler is suddenly noisy, that might be a sign that something is wrong. When that happens, so many people fear that they will need to deep into their pocket for repair cash. That is not the case sometimes. Some of the issues that cause your boiler to be noisy might be resolved without hiring an expert. Different combiboiler sounds can be caused by different issues or problems. Below are some of the boiler problems that might lead to boilers being noisy


When your boiler is kettling, it means that the water in the boiler is heating up too much. That is the reason why you will hear a sound like a kettle boiling.  That is why that name is called kittling. When you hear your boiler is making this kind of sound, it means that the pipes or other components of the boiler are blocked. If the water is not circulating correctly, the boiler will make noise.

The tapping of the boiler

If you hear boiler noise, it might also be a sign that there is an internal build-up problem. With a simple powerflush, this problem can easily be resolved. If you hear constant tapping or bagging, there might be a probability that the components of the boiler are loose. To tight the components, consider hiring an engineer or a specialist.

The gurgling of the boiler

When air is trapped into your boiler system there will be gurgling. When there is a gurgling sound, it means that the radiators are not heating well. Bleeding your radiators can solve this problem. Alternatively, you should hire an expert to take a look at the system.  

Dripping of the boiler

Boilers can also make dripping sounds. When you realize such sounds emanating from your combi boiler, it means that your boiler is leaking. When the boiler pressure is too high, there is a likelihood that there will be a leak. It is normal for boilers to wear and tear. If your boiler is leaking, you should check where the leak is coming from. Try as much as possible to do repairs as first as possible to avoid further damages.

The humming of the boiler

When your boiler is humming, it means that your boiler is not working as it should be. When it becomes louder than usual, it means that the boiler might be at fault. Humming is normally due to heating problems. The only person who can resolve such problem is an expert.


There are so many boilers problems that can be caused by different circumstances and issues. Some of the problems can be resolved by an expert and others can be resolved by yourself. You should pay attention to your boiler just in case something is not usual about it. Alternatively, you need to maintain your boiler regularly to avoid permanent damages or damages that will need a lot of money for repairs.

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