The civil construction segment requires specific equipment to speed up the work and the urgent delivery of the project. Often, it is necessary to improve some aspects of the place. It is precisely in this case that demolition becomes the only alternative for building a better environment. We list the power tools, which you can easily get from CRL hardware shop Conwy, and that you cannot miss when it comes to renovation, reconstruction, repair and maintenance, or demolition in civil construction. 

Electric Impact Drill

The impact drill is a compact, light and highly productive product for drilling work in masonry walls, wooden, metal or plastic structures. The drill is suitable for professionals in the field of construction, locksmiths and carpenters, but also for hobbyists who need to drill just a hole to place a shelf at home.

Heavy Hammer

The hammer is a type of power tool aimed at drilling, demolition of concrete and masonry and tile removal. You will find drill and breaker hammer options available in different versions. Buying a hammer is much cheaper than renting it, as you will need it for life long. It is a more advantageous alternative for construction professionals or for hobbyists who need to do light drilling or demolition at home.


The Screwdriver is the equipment indicated for the work of screwing and unscrewing in an easier way. That way, forget about the effort to remove those screws that are too tight and difficult to come out. This power tool is ideal for working on surfaces such as wood, masonry, plastic and metal. It is very suitable for joiners, installers and other construction professionals.

Hammer Breaker

The breaker hammer is equipment for demolition of concrete with great removal power. Depending on its size and weight, it can remove light, medium or high hardness concrete. Buying a breaker hammer increases productivity on the job, as doing the demolition work with sledgehammers is time-consuming.

Demolition Hammer

The electric demolition hammer is equipment suitable for demolition of high-strength concrete in civil construction works. This model is not suitable for horizontal work due to its handle and weight. It is ideal for floor demolition, gutter and concrete removal. 

Angle Grinder

Essential equipment for cutting or grinding work, the angle grinder has a high rotation, which varies from 6500 to 11000 rpm, allowing heavy work such as cutting or grinding steel and metals. You can buy a grinder and buy the most suitable disc for your type of work, as there are cutting and grinding discs. At CRL tool shop Conwy, you will always find the best models.

Circular Saw for Wood

The Circular Saw for Wood is powerful and perfect equipment for wood cutting work, allowing more productivity and speed in cuts. The Circular Saw is ideal for professionals or for amateurs as it allows you to do quality work, with more safety than you would do with a hacksaw.

Polycot Saw for Iron

An electric tool performs metal cutting. It is ideal for work in locksmiths, metallurgical and civil construction. It performs works with excellent finishing and at different angles. This power tool is one of the stars of the saw range.

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