Slate has a natural stone look, so when choosing paint colours, light shades of green are ideal. Light greens are soothing and coincide with the slate’s grey undertones. Choose a green with a blue undertone to balance the slate’s earth tones. Dark greens, on the other hand, will create a sense of heaviness and clash with the earth tones. The following are some tips for painting slate floors in colours that complement the natural stone feel of slate.


The cool tones of slate floors go well with blue walls, which creates a soothing atmosphere. Avoid using bright blues, as these will look garish against the slate. Instead, choose a blue-grey variation. You can also use the same colour paint on the ceiling to match the walls. However, you should be careful not to overdo it. Beige with slate floors will make your space appear more spacious, and you can also choose a darker wall colour for a more dramatic effect.

Sage green

If you have slate floors, you may wonder what colour scheme you should choose to complement them. While slate flooring comes in many shades, it works best with light to medium greens. These colours combine beautifully with slate floors because they create a feeling of tranquillity. The best choice for slate floors is a light green or one with blue undertones. Be sure to avoid dark greens, as they can clash with the earth tones of slate.


For the ultimate in natural, earthy colour, try gray-green. This neutral hue pairs well with slate floors. Dark greens, on the other hand, can make a room feel heavy and muddy. If you’d like to go with a bold colour, go with electric green. Alternatively, you can also try sage green. Dark greens can also look great against slate, but they’ll just end up being too contrasty.


Taking care of black slate floors isn’t as difficult as you may think. Because of their dark and textured surface, they require minimal maintenance. While the most common cause of scratches and discolouration is dust and dirt, daily sweeping will help keep slate looking new. A pH balanced cleanser is ideal for black slate. Alternatively, you can use a pH-neutral detergent like Aquamix Concentrated Stone and Tile Cleaner. You should seal the floor after cleaning it to prevent further stains.


Slate flooring has been a staple in home decor for years. The natural stone’s neutral color and rugged texture make it a classic choice for both contemporary and traditional floors. Slate also makes a beautiful choice for outdoor flooring as well. Here are some tips for caring for slate flooring. Invest in quality cleaning products. If you are unsure of which slate floor cleaners to use, consult a professional. Aside from regular cleaning, slate floors also need to be protected from excessive wear and tear.


Slate flooring is both striking and functional. Its earthy tone conceals wear and tear beautifully. Slate-coloured upholstery hides stains and fur. It also complements many other colours, including off-white. Off-white walls complement slate floors. A darker colour such as khaki can also be used for a subtle contrast. Any variation of beige will add warmth to a room. Here are some other colours that go well with slate floors.


If you’re looking to change up your flooring, you may want to consider tan with slate floors. This style is beautiful, but you need to consider some factors before making the switch. First, consider the cost of slate. It’s the priciest flooring material. Because it’s so unique, slate flooring contractors must carefully prepare the substrate. The more intricate patterns will add to the final bill. Another consideration is the price of slate tile.


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