4 Custom Kitchen Cabinet Materials to Use

Not sure what type of kitchen cabinets to get, or what material to use? We’ve got you covered as we discuss the 4 custom kitchen cabinet materials to use.


Melamine, a low-pressure laminate, is made of plywood with a layer of melamine resin. Though fairly susceptible to scratches and dents, melamine is a great custom cabinetry option for those wanting to save money, as it is the most affordable cabinet material. Melamine cabinets can come in a variety of colors and patterns and are relatively easy to clean. If you’re looking for an elegant, inexpensive custom cabinet material, melamine is the way to go.

Solid Wood

Kitchen cabinets can come in all types of materials, but wood is by far the most common. Some of the most popular kinds of wood used for cabinets include Red oak, white oak, cherry, hard maple, ash, pine, birch, and hickory. Hard maple, most commonly used for custom and semi-custom cabinets, is light-color wood that can be stained to achieve any look and match any kitchen. Red oak and white oak are durable and fairly inexpensive wood types used for traditionally designed kitchens. Hickory cabinets, recognized by streaks of blond and brown, are as strong as oak but seldom used for custom cabinetry, as maple is a similar, less expensive counterpart. If you’re looking for a very natural but specific look for your kitchen, solid wood will satisfy all of your needs.


Fiberboard, also known as MDF (medium-density fiberboard), is composed of wood fiber particles, resins, and wax. Fiberboard cabinets are comparatively stable and are unlikely to warp as a result of humidity fluctuations. They are easily painted and repainted and can be adjusted to fit any kitchen style. If you’re not quite sure what color you’d like your kitchen to be, but you need to install custom cabinets right away, fiberboard is the best choice for you.


Thermofoil, or high gloss thermofoil, is usually made of fiberboard coated with glossy vinyl. Thermofoil cabinets have reflective properties that can brighten dimly-lit kitchens and create a sense of openness in tight spaces. In addition, they are much easier to clean than fiberboard and are unlikely to warp due to temperature changes. If your kitchen feels cramped or dark, customize your own thermofoil cabinets to create a brighter area.

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