Things To Know About Garage Spine

The hump is a transverse elevation that has one of its functions to make the car reduce its speed so that the pedestrian can travel safely. As well as road signs, garage spines have the same speed-reducing effect in private environments.

Using The Garage Bolt

Traffic rules are also applied to parking lots in commercial establishments, parks, and garages in condominiums. The use of speed bumps for garages does not have a punitive effect on drivers. Still, it serves as a sign of attention that pedestrians are passing there and that, in addition to reducing speed, attention should be redoubled. The rules guarantee the safety of both pedestrians and drivers.

Speed For Garage On Public Roads

The garage spine cannot, under any circumstances, be installed on public roads. A speed bump on a public road sized in contradiction to what is stated in the resolution can cause accidents instead of avoiding them.

Garage Bolt Material

The garage spine can be made of extra hard EVA or steel. Both materials feature excellent resistance to the impact caused by car traffic and ease of maintenance. The EVA spine has a height of 55mm and a width of 200mm, and its length is according to need. The steel spine is 50mm high, and the width and length can be customized. Both can be installed on any floor; however, it is recommended that the EVA spine be applied on internal floors and the steel spine on external floors.

Metal Parking Spine

The metallic parking blocks are used in some establishments, as it is intended for places where there is not only the passage of cars, but also a constant flow of pedestrians, so it is necessary to reduce the speed for accidents with pedestrians and other vehicles are avoided as they travel within the reduced parking space.

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