A Few Repairs You Can Do Yourself to Your Air Conditioners

We see it regularly: An annoyed house owner calls us to fix an Air Conditioning trouble, the trouble they might conveniently have fixed themselves!

So, to help you save some cash as well as restore your comfort, we have provided some troubleshooting ideas that will assist you to repair your unit.

Check for a dirty air filter

Air Conditioning troubles caused by a filthy filter:

  • Reduced air movement from air vents
  • Frozen evaporator coil
  • Ice on refrigerant lines
  • Water dripping from your AC
  • Higher-than-normal power costs
  • Poor air conditioning
  • Devices failing

What to do: Inspect your air filter. Change your filter if it’s clogged or dirty.

You see, a filthy filter “suffocates” your AC device. Do you see that layer of dirt on the filter? That dirt restricts the amount of air your AC system can breathe in.

Also, when your Air Conditioning isn’t obtaining adequate air flow right into the system, it triggers a whole host of AC troubles, as well as can eventually cause a full system failure.

Examine your thermostat setups

AC issues caused by incorrect thermostat settings:

  • Hot or warm air originating from air vents
  • AC will not turn on

What to do: Go to your thermostat as well as inspect to make sure it’s not set on hot, but cold.

We’ve made many service calls to repair an Air Conditioner that isn’t working just to find that they had failed to remember to relocate the thermostat from hot to cold. It happens many times, particularly when we change from heating to cooling season.

Examine your air conditioning system breaker

AC troubles triggered by tripped breaker: 

  • Air Conditioning will not turn on.

What to do: Go to your home’s primary electric panel as well as check for a breaker that isn’t in the ON position. If your breaker is clearly classified, look especially for one labeled “AC.”

If your AC breaker is stumbled, push the breakers firmly right into the ON position as well as try running your AC once again.

Note: If the breaker instantly trips when the AC is run, do not try turning the circuit breaker once again. You’ll require to have a specialist check out the unit as this signifies a larger electric issue.

After trying everything, if still your system not working properly, please contact an expert.

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