Five Tips for Picking the Perfect Carpet

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Whether you’re outfitting a newly built home or giving an older house a fresh make-over, choosing the right flooring is one of the most impactful decisions you’ll make. Carpet is a popular choice for living areas and bedrooms for a good reason. It’s comfortable to step on, gives off a cozy vibe, and it’s one of the most cost-effective flooring options out there. However, before you run off to your nearest flooring store, take a look at these five tips for picking the right carpet for you:

Plan your budget

Before you start looking at carpets, take a moment to set a maximum budget. Then divide that number by the number of square feet you are looking to carpet. This will give you the maximum price you can spend per square foot, which is the way carpet prices are listed at the store.

Consider Your Climate

If you are living in Bradenton, then you’ll need carpet that can hold up to the hot humid climate of Florida. There are types of synthetic fiber that are designed to withstand moisture and keep harmful microorganisms from growing. If you’re in a dryer or cooler climate, you may prefer the warmth of natural fiber.

Research fiber types

Climate is just one reason that your carpet fiber types matter. Before you start shopping, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the different types of fibers there are to choose from. There are natural fibers like wool and synthetic fibers like acrylic, polypropylene, and polyester, all with their different advantages and disadvantages.

Pick your carpet style with your lifestyle in mind

To help you select the right carpet, think about your lifestyle. Do you wear shoes indoors often? Are their kids in your home? What about pets? Pick a style of carpet that will hold up the challenge of your individual daily life and look good doing it.

Choose a color that elevates your home

One of the advantages of carpet is the variety of colors it comes in. From dark shades that add contrast and hide dirt to lighter shades that will give your home a brighter feel.

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