An Ultimate Checklist to Select a Modern Wardrobe

A wardrobe relates to an individual’s personality and charm as they contain a significant part of one’s belongings. Being organized is one of the main principles to cultivate in our day-to-day habits to make life easier, less time-demanding and manageable. Likewise, a wardrobe that is used every day should help us fit into these concepts in our hustling schedules. A perfect wardrobe like the ones offered by Wakefit should have space to keep all our day-to-day things organized. Selecting such a wardrobe needs to be done cleverly, keeping in mind all the modern innovations available in the market and blending it with our requirements.

Things To Ask Yourself While Selecting A Wardrobe.

A wooden wardrobe design can be done using the basic requirements of most people. There are a lot of plans available in the market which helps us choose the right one. However, a little bit of customization and modernization makes a massive difference. And it enhances the overall appearance and usage without compromising on any factor. Here are a few points which will help you build a luxurious and yet user-friendly wardrobe that is appropriate and relatable to your lifestyle.

What Type Of Wardrobe Is Required?

The first step to think of is to decide where to place the wardrobe. It could be in any cosy corner of your bedroom, which is handy and easily reachable. Based on this space, you can decide what type of wardrobe is required.

  • Stand-alone Wardrobe

This is primarily a one/two door wardrobe which is very basic in design yet very efficient in managing all your essentials. It could be either a built-in or freestanding wardrobe. It requires minimal space and is available in almost every store. This type is applicable mainly for people who have less room for cabinets and who change houses frequently as it has the advantage of being easily shifted from one place to another.

  • Full height Wardrobe

These wardrobes are of a greater height, thus giving you a larger space. They are of 2 types:

  1. Entire panel wardrobe – This wardrobe stands tall, and its height goes up to the ceiling. It gives you larger room space to organize your stuff and better provisions for hanger space and large shelves. If you’re a person with plenty of clothes and accessories, this would be the perfect option.
  2.  Wardrobe with loft – This wardrobe has a separate division for storing things that you don’t use daily. It helps you organize and safeguard your rarely used stuff. You also have the freedom of further subdividing the loft space into any amount of desirable compartments depending on your convenience.
  • Sliding Wardrobe

If your bedroom demands a sleek and contemporary look, you should opt for a wardrobe that contributes to the same style. The sliding door wardrobes embrace minimalism and give your bedroom an essence of ultra-modern fineness. It would also be wise to use these in areas where there is very little space.

  • Walk-in Wardrobe

Sometimes when you need a separate space just for your dressing and makeover, you may undoubtedly plan for a walk-in wardrobe, provided you have the area to accommodate it. These usually require a large amount of space and display a magnificent outlook.

Significant types of Walk-in wardrobes are U-Shape, G-Shape and parallel.

Types Of Finishing Material For Wardrobe:

  • Laminates: They are available in different colours with matt, glossy and digital finishes.
  • Coloured/Mirrored glass: Wardrobes with mirrored finishes display an elegant style and look fashionable with any décor, irrespective of their design. In addition, this could replace a separate mirror or dressing table, thus saving room space.
  • Veneers: Many of us prefer monochrome and subtle finishes more than bright, flashy ones. A veneer is a finishing material manufactured by slicing and peeling a tree trunk, which gives a decent and majestic look to the wardrobe. There are various gradients and patterns. Choose the one that blends best with your home decor.
  • Acrylic Finish: This is a frequently used material with a wide range of colours. They are non-toxic and eco-friendly. They have a wide range of patterns and colours in matt, glossy and grain finishes. If you are looking for fancy and colourful wardrobes for your children, this is the right option.

 Is it of Premium quality?

Quality is an aspect none of us would want to compromise. The material used for the wardrobe indicates its longevity. Over the years, a sturdy wardrobe has to withstand moisture and wear and tear. A cabinet of a lower cost with lesser quality can cost you double the expense when it has to be replaced in a few years. The wardrobe should be moisture resistant and termite resistant for longer life.

Here are a few commonly used base materials for wardrobe.

  • MR (Moisture Resistant )or BWR(Boiling Water Resistant) Plywood – The most preferred choice
  • Particle Board
  • Medium or High-Density Fiberboard (MDF/HDF)

Can it be Customized?

Customization is something that works best for us. Wouldn’t it be odd if you find a good-looking and spacious wardrobe with all the extensions but not fitting your room? Customization allows us to overcome all odds and style your wardrobe with the available space. This saves much of your time looking for various cabinets in stores and trying to fit in what is not satisfactory. Customization could be regarding the size, shape, design, storage, usage and number of doors for the cabinet. Usually, two door wardrobe designs for the bedroom are ideal. If the resident has a more significant requirement, he/she can opt for three or four-door cabinets.

Availability in Stores or Online?

Many stores contain wardrobes, but customizing a cupboard online is a different experience. It helps involve your creative skills and visually picturise the outcome. In today’s advanced facilities, why take the trouble of visiting stores when you can order a wooden wardrobe online. Customization is also more accessible online than hiring a carpenter at home.

A wardrobe is an investment that should last over a lifetime. Don’t get carried away by the exterior looks. Carefully examine the capacity of storage, the appropriate amount of shelves and drawers. Look for variety and, at the same time, practicality. Every individual has a unique taste and different way of usage and therefore chooses which is best for you for the most extended period.

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