How to choose a bedroom bedside cabinet online at affordable prices?

Bedside cabinet/table is often a part of bedroom set. However, you may decide to buy it separately. The size of the bedside-cabinet often becomes a criterion for selection and price. Bedroom bedside-drawers can be very of various shapes and sizes: rectangular, square, triangular, round, and barrel-shaped. You can find bedside cabinet for sale online at affordable prices. From MDF to glass bedside cabinet, don’t be afraid to take a chance on materials.

Bedroom bedside table: sizes and styles

Manufacturers are often guided by the following dimensions: 50-55 cm in width and 50-60 cm in height. However, it is not a mandatory standard width and height. The manufacturers are also guided by the size of the bedroom, size of the bed, the other bedroom furniture and of course the style and color of the bedroom. Often, the size of a standard bedside table can be 50-55 cm in width and 50-60 cm in height. But you can ask them manufacturer to design the bedside-table on custom dimensions.

Plenty of space

When you have a more generous width in the room, such as 80 cm for circulation, it is possible to replace the bedside table with a chest of drawers. However, this solution is for those who have a bed with a height above 75 cm. In this case, it’s nice to invest in a more refined design piece, with a different foot or knob, which will help to compose the room’s decor.

If the decoration is permanent

If you intend to live in the same place for a considerable period, it is worth investing in a fixed model with panel or even a heavier piece of furniture, if the room is large. Now, if you move frequently, it’s important to choose a loose piece, paying attention to dimensions and weight.

A touch of color

For models attached to a panel, it’s worth paying attention to colors. A lighter tone on the bedside table is an interesting counterpoint in larger rooms. But in a small room, it’s worth adopting the same tone as the panel, which gives a feeling of greater amplitude.

Why do we need a bedside table?

Bedside-tables in the bedroom have multiple functions. Usually you can keep a few things on the table surface: books, magazines, laptop, flower vas, mini stand lamp, etc. The table can be simply an accessory attached to your bed. Bedside table is very functional. It is possible to put a mini stand lamp, and store magazines or books. You can place beside-table on both sides of the bed, giving an elegant looks.

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