Custom Logo Rugs – Make Your Hotel Entrance Creative to Have Guests Keep Coming Back

The first actual contact by either your guests or visitors is the entrance mat. Even though it’s just their feet that touch the mat, this is what gives the 1st impression of your hotel, motel or B&B. A rugged and snagged mat can annoy your guest even before they’ve entered your premises, and you lose your first impression.

It is not that tough to pick the right entrance mat for your entrance. If you are not sure about your choice, Ultimate Mats can help you get a variety of custom logo rug or custom logo mats such as Scraper mars, dryer mats.

Why do entrance mats matter?

  • Reduce Cleaning Costs

Studies show that about 80% of the dirt polluting a building is soiled through shoe bottoms. However, a good quality entrance mat can prevent those clouds of dust, moisture, and stains from entering your building.

  • Reduce damage to the floor

Sand and dust caught along with shoes don’t take much time to scratch your flooring. To avoid this, you can place an entrance mat that traps the sand and dirt before entering the building and covers your floor.

  •  Reduces chances of Slip & Fall 

You can help reduce your chance for injuries by implementing regular care and maintenance system and keeping your floors clean and dry as much as possible. The most apparent way to do this is to have the right size and performance of the right entrance matting system to handle the amount of foot traffic in your building.

The quality of your mat and the area it covers matter a lot. The more matting extended, the more beneficial it is. The more time guests walk on your entrance mat after entering the lobby, the higher are the chance that mats will wipe their feet and suitcase wheels, clean and dry. At the very least, your purpose should be “foot on the mat”, 3 full strides. Imagine just using a face towel to dry yourself after the shower, you might do this, but it won’t be very effective.

Can I place entrance mats above the carpet?

This is one of the most common problems we face, especially from services apartments and managers of hotel buildings. They want entrance mats to block dirt and water from entering their buildings, but they have carpets on their front doors. Can they place entrance mats above the carpet?

Yes, you can put your mat anyplace you want. However, it won’t stay for long if you place it above the carpet because of the shape and texture of the carpet underneath.

Materials used to Make Doormats

Doormats are formed by materials including plastic, rubber, cotton, jute, and recycled materials, and are mainly used to wipe off sand or dirt before entering any building. Rubber doormats are preferable, as they can easily scrape dirt and grime from your shoes

Designs and Colors of Entrance mat

The B&B and hotels should choose an entrance doormat design that perfectly matches the interiors, and pair it with a dark contrasting color. The dark contrast mat can easily cover up the dust and stains. However, the disadvantage of using the lighter shade is that the doormat will look dirty.

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