Things To Know About Roof Covering

Nowadays, there are many materials and tiles to cover the roof and do some roof service for your home. Again, the determining factor for the choice is the architecture of the property and the desired aesthetics for it. The most used tiles are:

  • Ceramics: A classic option. The material acts as a thermal barrier contributing to the thermal comfort of the property.
  • Fiber cement: Offers an excellent cost-benefit ratio, as it is resistant and at the same time allows savings in the construction of the structure due to its lightness.
  • PVC: It is a material that offers a great possibility of customization due to its varied colors. Its characteristics are to present a good seal, to be light and resistant.
  • Zinc: They are highly resistant, light, easy to handle, and have a more affordable price.
  • Polycarbonate: This material is widely used to create roofs through the choice of transparent material. It can also be found in some color varieties and may feature UV protection.
  • Glass: Glass tiles are generally used in conjunction with other tiles and positioned in places where you want to create an entrance of light.

The Types Of Roofs

The most common types of roofs are:

  • Apparent roofs: These are the roofs with classic features. With one or more sloping waters that advance over the façade forming overhangs.
  • Built-in roof: As the name implies, they are characterized by having the structure hidden by platbands. It is a type of roof used in more modern constructions or when the intention is to save money on its construction, as it does not need to be so aesthetic because it is not visible.
  • Roofing slabs: It is also a prevalent type of roofing and is nothing more than the building slab itself. It is an option that also allows you to save as it does not require expenses with structures and material for the roof. To use this type of roof, it is necessary to have an excellent waterproofing and thermal insulation system since it will be exposed to the actions of time.

It is essential to carry out a periodic roof review to identify possible broken, cracked, or displaced shingles to arrange for a replacement. Click here for more information.

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