Do You Know Why Wasps Will Attack and How Can You Avoid Them?

Just imagine, you are walking on the street and suddenly attacked by a large group of honey bees or wasps. It is very scary to even imagine this scenario and particularly for those people who have allergies, it can be life threatening for them.

Therefore, wherever there are any schools where young children are coming every day, it is necessary to search and destroy any wasp nests around by taking the help of any wasp pest control service provider. Their presence will be very dangerous particularly where young children are all around.

There can be thousands of different species of wasps however mostly we come across only a few varieties of them. These wasps can be doing lots of good things to our environment and therefore, we must know about their behaviour so that they do not attack us.

Any social wasps, if they are in distress may send signal to their colony nearby and as a result, they become aggressive.  So we should avoid doing anything that can anger even a single wasp. Unless you collide with any wasp they will not do any harm to you.

What should you do if you are attacked by a wasp?

As such these wasps do not attack anybody without any reason. However, sometimes unknowingly if you harm them then they may attack you. 

So, you can do the following things to keep yourself safe –

  1. One of the best things that you can do is avoid going near their nests. They will never feel threatened if you just leave them alone. You should avoid doing anything that may give them a signal that you may harm them.
  2. You should remain calm and slowly move away from that location in case you ever encounter any wasps. Try to cover your face by using your hands if attacked.
  3. Don’t start waving your arms around, or try to swat at them. By doing that, you will end up just provoking them to attack even further because to them you will appear to be more threatening.
  4. You should not try to swat at them even individually and by doing this, they may release certain pheromones that may attract more wasps on your way.
  5. Generally, they tend to become more aggressive during early fall or late summer, when due to food shortage, they turn into scavengers. Any action against them can easily provoke them and that should be avoided. 
  6. Generally, they are drawn to any bright or dark colors, and hence, it is always better to dress in certain light coloured clothing if you want to go hiking.
  7. Also, they can be attracted to perfumes and floral shampoos. So, it is better to avoid them while going hiking. 
  8. If you are bitten by wasps then clean the area with an antiseptic. Also, use ice pack on the affected areas that will offer you a little comfort from itching pain. 

It is always necessary to take the help of pest control Manchester if your surrounding is infested by wasps as it can be threatening to your young children.

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