Looking for Fly Screens for Your Door? Different Options You Have

If you want to enjoy your summer days at home then it will be necessary to keep your doors and windows open so that you can get fresh air. Unfortunately, during this season there will be plenty of mosquitoes, flies all around that can enter your home, which is quite irritating.  

As a good solution to this issue, you can install fly screens that are available for both doors and windows that you can get from Premier Screens Ltd. Based on your requirement there are several varieties of screens available for sliding doors. 

You can find different screens for preventing:

  • Flies
  • Mosquitoes
  • Rodents
  • Other insects

Also, you can select as per the design of your doors and windows and as per your budget to suit your taste. Also, these screens can be easily installed on your doors and windows. They can also be easily maintained.

The best part of these fly screens for doors is that they do not occupy any additional space in your room as they are retractable. However, they are very effective to keep the flies away from your room.

These flyscreens will not contain any screws or bulky parts and will offer an elegant and uncluttered look. They also use certain high-quality materials and are so designed that you can easily pass any food or drinks for entertaining people outside.

The following are a few different types of flyscreens that are available in the market:

  1. Pleated screen doors

Here the screen is made up by using vertical panels that are quite easy to install. You can fit them into your existing aluminium or wooden bifold doors as well as stacking sliding doors. This is suitable for those who prefer a larger screen than a normal opening.

  1. Retractable type flat screen doors

These are stylish and automated fly screens that can also be fitted to wooden bi-fold doors. By using magnets and pulleys you can open these doors just by touching them with your finger. The screen that moves horizontally remains concealed.

  1. Standard flyscreen doors

Standard flyscreens can perfectly pair with either an aluminium or wooden sliding door. You can select either a mesh type, which suits the usage, aesthetics, environment, and also against any accidental damage. You will find the following types of mesh:

  • Fibreglass mesh
  • Aluminium mesh
  • Pet mesh
  1. Heavy-duty screen doors

For those who want to incorporate safety features on the screen as much, they want to protect from insects, these screen doors with a sturdy frame of aluminium, can offer higher security than all other doors so far, we talked about. They are also quite suitable where you can expect more ‘wear-and-tear’. 

You can consider such screendoor for your home depending upon the designs of your doors and windows and based on your budget. If in your home your doors and windows are non-standard types then they will have to be customized. Discuss with the engineers of Premier Screens Ltd. for customized solutions.

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