What is the most suitable flooring option for hospitals?

Flooring is now considered as an integral part of every building facility. The term flooring is generally used for covering the floor area. Particularly, when it comes to hospitals, choosing the best material does matter a lot. Plenty of hospital flooring material options are available, where it is easy to choose the right option. There are a number of reasons that highlight the importance of suitable hospital flooring material and design. Inside the hospital, there are different portions which are subject to different functions. All these various sections can’t be treated with the same type of flooring, rather, each section will be floored as per its needs. Keeping this perspective in view, below are some well suited flooring options for hospitals.

Requirements of Flooring in Healthcare Facilities:

When it comes to flooring of healthcare facilities, a multidimensional approach should be adopted. One has to look for improved safety, stress minimization, hygiene, durability and elegance as well. Choosing a floor type for hospital following areas should be focused.

Slip Resistance: Patients are not normal human beings and they need a smooth walking floor. If there is a slipping floor, there will be a chance of slipping and damage.

Noise Absorptive: Floors of hospitals must be noise absorptive. Echo of foot walk should be eliminated in order to ensure doctors’ concentration and patients sleep.

Sanitization:  It is very crucial for every hospital to be sanitized regularly. Floors with high levels of spill – resistivity and anti – microbes are highly appreciated. It helps in spreading germs and diseases. It should be ensured that the surfaces must be unfavorable to moistures, germs and pollens. Easy to clean and sanitized floors should be encouraged in healthcare facilities.

Cushioning: Floors having cushions make it easier to walk. Mostly doctors and nursing staff rush to patients in emergency for treatment, in this scenario a cushioned floor makes it smooth and hazardless. Apart from this, patients feel trouble in walking and need such type of flooring. 

Return on Investment: Budgetary constraints should be kept in mind while choosing a floor for a hospital. 

Aesthetic: People like to rush those healthcare facilities with effective aesthetic flooring. Fair colorings and amplifying lightening reflect professionalism and cleanliness. The staff inside hospitals also love to work in such kind of environment.

Material Consideration in Hospital Floors:

Vinyl:  It is the most preferable choice in terms of floor material for hospitals. It has two forms that are hospital vinyl floor tiles and sheet vinyl flooring. The most recommended one is vinyl sheet flooring because flash coving and heat welding produce germs and this sheet works as an antimicrobial barrier. Vinyl floors are spill – resistant, durable, noise absorbing and easy to maintain.

Rubber: The second most wanted hospital floor option is rubber made floors. It is also easy to seal, sanitary, durable impact and noise – absorbing with a variety of designs and styles.

Location wise floor material usage:

Entrance: A floor type which gives a welcoming feeling, durable, spill – resistant and easy to clean up will be a good choice here. Luxury vinyl tile ( LVT), is such a type of floor material which meets the aforesaid criteria. The look and diverse range of design also put a pleasant impact here. Another material called Terrazzo will also be a fine choice having long term durability.

Emergency: In this section, a floor with sterile properties is of great importance to control the microbes and infection. Sheet vinyl or sheet rubber can do the best job here. These must be fitted several inches up the wall to avoid the risk fluids going inside the floor.

Corridors:  These are the places which are exposed to hustle and bustle. A hard, noise and impact absorber floor should be in place here. Vinyl sheet and rubber flooring can fit here as well.  Both these types are hard and good looking and offer a wide range of aesthetic choices.

Patient Rooms: These rooms are sensitive to germs and need those floors which are easy to sanitize, hard and good looking. The administration loves to vinyl sheet and rubber flooring here too.

The summary, derived from above all discussion revealed that vinyl sheet and rubber flooring is best suited for hospitals. 

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