Masonry Restoration Services Guide

Masonry is one of the most common architectural components in residential and commercial buildings; it is also one of the most common components in need of repair due to damage from accidents, wear and tear, and simple time. Masonry restoration services are the best way to restore damage to masonry and improve the aesthetical appeal of masonry components.  

When Masonry Coating Is Damaged

There are many reasons why masonry coating may become damaged, including accidents as well as simple wear and tear over time. Masonry coating has a particular tendency to become rundown over time due to wear and tear from frequent exposure to wind and other weather elements, build-up of various types of debris and simply aging. 

The most common types of coating used in masonry are sealers and paints, though certain types of stains (such as acid stains) are not uncommon. Sealers and paints are considered to be more beneficial for longevity compared to stains, which do not provide much protection against the elements as sealers can.

When masonry coating is run down, it needs to be fully replaced with a fresh coat of sealer, paint or another solution in order to improve the longevity of the masonry and its overall appearance. When masonry coating wears down, this eventually exposes the masonry surface underneath; this surface will over time start to crack and crumble once it is exposed to the elements. The more exposure, the more signfnicnat the damage to the masonry underneath. A proper sealant or another coating is essential to keep the masonry looking its best and to help keep it from becoming damaged unnecessarily.

Priming and Repairing

A proper masonry restoration doesn’t merely cover up old masonry coating with a new solution: a professional service requires first improving the underlying foundation of the masonry in order to help ensure that the new coating solution can be applied smoothly and properly. Without this step, the new coating will be prone to flaking and damage. Repairing damaged masonry with fillings and other repair should be done prior to applying any type of primer. 

In the case of masonry restoration, primer will help give the top coating of paint or sealant something to adhere to; without primer, coating may not adhere very well to the base masonry foundation, such as brick.

Professional Services

If the masonry on your home or business is damaged, it’s important to have a professional team inspect the damage and offer their estimate for a proper repair. An experienced masonry restoration team will be able to offer their best advice on how to approach the repair in addition to making suggestions about the right type of coating for your needs. For instance, acid stains make for a great aesthetic choice, but they do not do much in terms of preserving the masonry in the long-term. A professional service may then recommend you apply a coating with the stain in order to improve the longevity of the masonry underneath.

No matter what type of masonry repair services you need, don’t forget to consult the professionals. 

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