Eifs Stucco Installation Boulder Colorado Service Guide

Image result for eifs or stucco installationStucco is one of the most common aesthetic components of homes and commercial buildings; Eifs stucco is a specific type of stucco installation that follows a rigid installation process that must be followed in order for the installation to be successfully completed. If you are looking for Eifs stucco installation Boulder Colorado services, then consider the following guide to this particular type of stucco installation. 

What is Eifs Stucco Installation?

Eifs Stucco installation refers to a specialized stucco installation that involves using Eifs stucco cladding. Although Eifs Stucco looks similar to traditional stucco, it is different than traditional stucco in several ways. Notably, Eifs Stucco is made with multiple layers comprised of various products that are designed to add protective element such as water protection, air barriers, adhesive base coats, and so on. 

From the looks alone, Eifs Stucco does not look different than traditional stucco. It is only on the inside—or rather, when you dissect each gradual layer of Eifs Stucco—that the differences between the two types of stucco installation become apparent. 

Eifs Stucco Installation Steps

Eifs Stucco requires the installation of layers of different products which, in the finalized stucco material, creates a water-proof, air-proof and generally more secure stucco layer. The following are the most common layers that you will find with this type of stucco installation process.

Water Resistant Barrier: This barrier provides more water resistance and makes it less likely for the wall to become moldy or water damaged. These barriers can be a liquid water resistant barrier solution or a physical barrier, such as asphalt infused paper that is stapled onto the stucco layer.

Adhesive Coat: An adhesive coat is common with most types of Eifs stucco cladding, though it is not found in all types of Eifs stucco installation. Adhesive coats are typically used when the foam is not fastened to the wall with mechanical tools.

Foam Insulation Board: A foam insulation board is necessary to improve the wall’s sound and air insulation. This layer can range from 1 inch to 6 inches in thickness; the thicker the foam, the higher the insulation rating. This layer is usually attached using screws, staples or nails.

Mesh and Base Coat: With Eifs stucco, these two are applied together in a single step due to the fact that the base coat needs to be embedded right into the mesh material. 

Primer: A primer coat of paint is then placed in order to help seal in the base coat that will be applied on top of it. This step is technically not necessary but it’s generally recommended to improve the lifespan of the stucco paint.

Finish: The finish is the final layer of the Eifs stucco, and it is the layer that everyone will see as it the very top layer. The finish will depend on the overall look you are going for; make sure you opt for a finish that will help keep moisture away from the cladding material. 

If you need Eifs stucco installed in your home or commercial building, make sure to contact a professional company to handle the job.

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