Wood Door Repair Services Guide

Wooden doors offer security, protection and aesthetic appeal to any home, whether it is an interior wood door connecting your bedroom to the rest of the house or an exterior door that makes a first impression to anyone walking by your house on the street. Like all components of your home, wooden doors can become damaged due to storms, accidents or simply wear and tear over time. If you are in need of wood repair services, you should call for a professional wood repair services team with the professional skills and experience necessary to bring your door back into shape. 

What Causes Wood Door Damage?

Wooden doors can be damaged by a number of different factors. 

The most common reason for wood door damage is water damage, pest damage, and wear and tear damage over time. Water damage can occur when the wooden door is repeatedly exposed to water and moisture from rain and water leaks near doorframes in or outside the home. Water damage can also occur if a door was exposed to a rainstorm, thunderstorm or even snow.

Pest damage can occur when pests infiltrate the wooden door; the most common pests that cause damage to doors are termites, but other wood-eating pests can also cause significant problems with wooden doors. 

Finally, wear and tear damage can occur over time when a door is subject to repetitive friction, such as a large doorbell that repeatedly hits the top of a door frame or a door that repeatedly rubs against the door frame due to improper sizing.

Types of Wood Door Repair

The wood door repair you need will vary depending on the type of damage in question as well as where the damage has occurred. 

In some cases, wood doors can be repaired with sanding and refinishing work; whereas more extensive damage may require panel replacements and in more extreme cases, full door replacement. The type of repair may also depend on what, exactly, has been damaged on the door. In cases of broken glass panes or handles, then partial repairs can often resolve the situation. 

In some cases, wood doors may need to be lengthened, widened or shortened; these repairs can make it possible to avoid future friction-based damage, so it’s essential to consider these options when you are weighing on whether or not to scrap a door entirely or have it repaired first. 

If you aren’t sure exactly what type of wood door repair you need for your home, you can contact a professional wood door repair company and ask about a consultation. Some companies may charge you a consultation fee, so be sure to ask about any fees for consultations before you agree to have someone come and look at your damaged wood door.

Professional Wood Door Repair Services

If your wooden door has been damaged due to storms, flooding, pests or wear and tear over time, then you need to contact professional wood repair services to prevent further damage and repair that damage that has already been done.

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