Party Planning – 6 Steps to Designing a Successful and Comfortable Party in Your Home

Make sure you follow the below 6 steps before you throw your next party at your home in order to make the party comfortable for YOU and YOUR GUESTS. These steps are golden rules that will seem subtle but which make a HUGE impact, plus the last step always impresses guests.

1. Music

Just like color to a room affects people’s mood, so does music. I recommend a low beat music in the beginning of your party to give time (mood) for formal introduction, after the majority of your guests have arrived, then it would be more comfortable to increase the beat of your music (rock on!). A subtle way to inform your guests that it will soon be time to leave is to lower the sounds & beat of your music selection – hint! Hint! HINT!

2. Food Location

Location! Location! Location! Just think of your hors d’oeuvres as real estate property. The best location is the best talked about. Position your cocktails in at least a 4 point spread within a room, this will prevent overcrowding within the food area. Even if you are planning a dinner party – guests will expect cocktails before the main entrée so provide enough “sites” to keep them mingling in more than one are.

3. Garbage Location

You do NOT want to have your guests overcrowding your kitchen trash bin; therefore, provide visible locations where they can dispose of items. Try placing the trash bins near a plant so you can camouflage the trash and have a visual guide to its location.

4. Excuse me – what is in THAT?

Avoid having to constantly repeat the name and ingredients of an appetizer, or sending someone to the emergency room with an allergic reaction to your delicious (yum yum) appetizer, type the name & ingredients of each dish. This will also help guests interact with each other. Try using a fancy or Fun font to accentuate your party theme. It’s great to know what the dish (hor derve/ cocktail) is called and what is in it, plus, it’s a peace of mind for those guests that may be
allergic to certain ingredients (um, unless you really don’t like them – haha!)

5. Embrace Plastic

Did you know that plastic forks & spoon are now sold in silver? – to replicate the look of silverware. Use the silver forks & spoons on your next party – this table decorating tip is great for the “look” and “practicality” (NO utensils to wash – YEAH!).

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