Using Japanese Garden Interior Design Outdoors

When it comes to a Japanese garden, you will notice that they are extremely well designed and they offer a sense of tranquility as well as fantastic style. All homes can incorporate a Japanese style garden and so if you are thinking of updating your garden with an interesting and peaceful design, the Japanese garden may just be for you.

Designing Your Own Japanese Garden

If you have decided to design your own Japanese garden, you will now need to know exactly what a Japanese garden entails. Basically every Japanese garden should have stones, water and plants and a bridge is also important. They are designed to be extremely pleasurable on the eye and so keep that in mind when it comes to designing where you want everything to go.

Whilst a Japanese garden mainly uses water, there is a variety which is known as ‘Karesansui’ and that does not use any water in its designs at all. So it would suit somebody who does not like the thought of incorporating water into their garden for whatever reason. However, despite the fact that it contains no actual water, the aim of this style of Japanese garden is to give it the atmosphere of water. This is done through the use of pebbles and patterns. Low shrubs also come in particularly handy too so keep that in mind.

Plant wise, things such as cherry trees, ferns, moss and evergreens as well as bamboo, all make excellent additions to any Japanese garden. They can also imitate water quite well too. In order to create the sense of relaxation, rocks are also used, especially unusual looking rocks.

As the emphasis is on nature within a Japanese garden, no two lines are the same. Surfaces are unevenly placed and that allows you to focus more on the small details of the garden. Bridges and walkways are a particularly strong part of Japanese gardens and stones are used to give the impression of mountains. Everything is linked back to nature and that is why Japanese gardens are so stunning and peaceful.

The final thing to remember about Japanese gardens is that the stones that you use should always be placed in unusual ways. Triangular shapes are also quite common and lanterns are often placed near them to provide a magical and mysterious appearance. To the Japanese they also represent the female and male parts of fire and water.

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