Steps To Preparing Your Property For Sale

Selling real estate is often synonymous with a new life project. An exciting period … But also stressful. To quickly find a buyer and sell at the best price, careful preparation is required. Discover our advice to take step by step towards the success of your real estate project.

Find Out About Prices Per Meter Square

When selling your property or an Condo near Kasetsart (คอนโด เกษตร which is the term in Thai) it is key to inform yourself upstream to know the state of the real estate market.  What is the price per square meter? Is the current trend going up or down? Are there as many buyers as sellers? It’s not easy to answer all of these questions when you’re not around. So where do you find the right answers?

The press and specialized websites regularly update the market situation. And on Best Agents by entering your address in the estimation tool, you can calculate the value of the square meter of your house or building every month by adjusting the characteristics of your property. And in a few clicks, you instantly have the average square meter price for your property with a high and low range.

Compare The Prices At Which The Goods Were Sold

This is a seemingly simple mission. We are talking about  comparing recently sold goods  near you. In this way, you will already have a good inventory of the market prices. But  how do you do it? On what basis? and how to get the right information?

Estimate Online

With the current trend in the real estate market in your city and the price of goods sold around you, do you think you have a clearer view of the potential sale price? You are wrong. It is much more complex to estimate a good.

Indeed, its value depends mainly on its characteristics  (the surface, the number of rooms, the exposure, the brightness, the absence of vis-à-vis) and  its location.

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