Things To Check Before Moving To Mason City

Mason City is a curious blend of small-town community mixed with a large city stature. Due to its location in northern Iowa, it is the largest city for miles around, and so has somewhat of a best of both worlds infrastructure. It can be a good chance for those looking to transition from both large and small cities without being too drastic. If you are thinking about moving to Mason City read on to find out what you should look for before planning the big move.

House Prices Are Fantastic

Mason City homes for sale are at a terrific median price of around $93k. Despite being the cultural hub of northern Iowa it still boasts a $50k saving on average against the rest of the state and the housing market is more than half the national average. House prices are the main factor in Mason City’s cost of living coming in nicely below the national average too. There are tons of houses on the market to cover every family and location destination. Make sure you check out homes before you decide to make your move. There will more than likely be a perfect place for you to settle into.

Check The Amenities Are Right For You

While Mason City is the largest city in its region it still has a population around ten times smaller than Des Moines. The city offers plenty of activity and entertainment for a small community but if you are moving from a larger metropolis you might find the change of pace somewhat jarring. Des Moines is located 120 miles south of Mason City so if traveling is no problem for you it could be the perfect balance of small-town life with access to the big city. You will still want to make sure the atmosphere is right for you and you can settle down in a more relaxed area.

Will Your Family Thrive In Mason City?

For anyone moving their family any great distance the nagging concern is whether or not everyone will be able to prosper and enjoy a new life in an unfamiliar place. The unemployment rate in Mason City is just 3.5% as of January 2020. Despite reaching its highest rate since March 2017 it is still well below the national average and hasn’t changed much in the time since. The school system is well-regarded and the city has good links to Des Moines and Iowa City for those kids of college and university age. Check the job market and the local events and culture against your family’s preferred way of life before making commitments.

The most important thing to remember when looking to relocate is to check the area will be a place you and your family will be happy, safe, and settled. Mason City could be that place. You have the luxury of large metropolitan areas to the north and south only a couple of hours away while retaining a small-town feeling that still provides enough culture to thrive.

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