Benefits of Starting an Exterior Painting Franchise 

If you are interested in starting your own franchise, you should consider starting an exterior painting franchise in the commercial and residential painting industry. This type of franchise is a potentially lucrative franchise with plenty of room for growth and profit if you are willing to take the time to learn the ins-and-outs of the painting service sector. The following are the most important benefits of starting a painting franchise focused on exterior painting.

Exterior painting is an in-demand industry

Exterior painting is an industry that is always in demand. There will always be homes, businesses and other organizations that need the exterior of their building painting. An exterior painting franchise is a franchise that won’t require you to do any work in regards to demand build-up compared to other franchises that require regular build-up marketing to increase local and general customer demand for your services or products.

You can grow your franchise at your own pace

One of the best benefits of starting a painting franchise is that you can grow at your own pace. Growing at your own pace allows you to follow your own business preferences, whether you would prefer to maintain only 1-2 additional employees for a specific period of time—or if you’d rather start adding on more and more employees as quickly as you are financially able. This also gives you greater control over your local market, as you can choose to stick to your local market or opt to expand your marketing towards neighboring areas with a greater distance from your central business hub.

You can start small and aim big—or aim to stay small

An exterior painting franchise can turn into a booming, branched out business with a few dozen employees that spans a city or even two or three–or you can keep your franchise a small and personal business run with 3 employees. The choice is up to you, which is why this type of franchise is perfect for any type of business person. It is ideal for young entrepreneurs who want a franchise in a growth industry that could turn into a large and lucrative business—and it’s ideal for a retiree who simply wants to make some extra money on the side while working with his sons. 

You can start a franchise with relatively little money and operational costs

Finally, the most notable benefit of starting an exterior painting franchise is that you can start it up with relatively little money on hand—and it has relatively little operational costs compared to a traditional painting business and other types of franchises. Since you can grow an exterior painting franchise at your own pace, you can hold off on purchasing supplies and tools until they are in demand. And unlike a standard business, you won’t necessarily need to rent a business or office space, which will reduce your operational costs.

If you are interested in running a potentially lucrative franchise, consider an exterior painting business franchise today.

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